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Objectives & Board Policies

The purpose of the library is to generate enthusiasm for learning and provide guidance to widen, deepen and intensify learning.  The school library program reflects the educational philosophy of the school by providing materials to meet the varied interests, abilities and maturity levels of the students.  The library is an integral part of the school curriculum, complementing and supplementing the curriculum, while also serving to meet the needs of the individual faculty member, student or other potential user of the library.

Broadening the learning experience and knowledge of students, the library provides material for the student's intellectual development as well as recreational needs.  Serving as a source of information, the library will develop and guide student interests and profitable use of leisure time.


1. To provide an instructional materials center where all types of materials are available to the faculty and students.

2. To further cooperation and planning among teachers, students, administrators and librarians.

3. To stimulate intellectual growth and interest in recreational reading.

4. To provide instructional support to the teachers through the creation and implementation of a library skills unit integrated within the subject area curricula.

5. In addition, the library media center program adheres firmly to the principles established in the School Library Bill of Rights (see link below).

6. These objectives will be of primary consideration as the library media center collection is built, evaluated, inventoried and weeded.

~ Excerpted from TASD Board Policy 109.1