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Librarian's Autobiographies

Mrs. Crow's Autobiography

Hello, my name is Mrs. Crow and I am the librarian at Trinity East and Trinity North. I got married on July 7th, so it was a very busy, but fun, summer :) I grew up in Houston and am a Chartiers Houston alumni. I earned my degree in Elementary Education from California University in 2004. After graduating, I worked as a substitute teacher at Trinity and attended Clarion University for my master's degree in Library Science and Media Certification. I am a resident of South Strabane Township. I love to do anything outdoors. This summer I did a lot of planting, shopping (Target), walking, white water rafting, vacationing, and READING. I just finished the second Percy Jackson book  and I absolutely LOVED it.  I also LOVE the Twilight series and Harry Potter! Some of my favorite children's authors are Barbara Parks, Dr. Seuss, Judy Schachner, Judy Blume, Mary Pope Osbourne, and Lois Lowry. Please know that my door is always open and I can be reached via phone or email  at I look forward to getting to know everyone and good luck in this new school year! Happy reading, Mrs. Crow