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Trinity Elementary School Counseling Program Description

Serving the Elementary School Students of Trinity Area School District


School counseling services at Trinity Area School District are delivered in four specific ways, as based on the American School Counselor Association's National Model:


School Guidance Curriculum

 - Designing, structuring and delivering classroom lessons for grades K-5 that aim to achieve specific competencies, such as personal, social, academic, and career.



Individual Student Planning

 - Assisting students with goal formation and planning (behavioral, academic, etc.).



Responsive Services

 - Meeting immediate student needs (counseling, crisis intervention, consultation, referral, peer mediation, resource provider, etc.).



System Support

 - School-wide program planning and implementation (pre-referral process for Special Education services), consultation with other professionals, and coordination of various supports for students and families.

For more information on the purpose and guidelines of Trinity Area School District's Counseling Program and to view the American School Counseling Association's National Model in more detail, click on the links below.